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IEED Program Overview

 IEED Program Overview Cover Page
Division of Energy and Mineral Development Brochure  
Division of Capital Investment Brochure  
Division of Economic Development Brochure  

 Grant Program Brochures

Energy and Mineral Development (EMDP) Grant
Tribal Energy Development Capacity (TEDC) Grant


Spotlight Brochure

Green Economies in Indian Country - Renewable Initiative Brochure

Green Jobs Cover  


Tribal Brochures

Renewable Energy
Conventional Energy
Blackfeet Wind Aggregate Program - DEMD Blackfeet Oil and Gas
Colville Business Development Alaska Native Allotments - Sand & Gravel Potential Ft. Peck Tribal Oil and Gas
Crow Wind Construction Aggregate Gallup Oil and Gas
Crow Creek Wind Construction Aggregate - Emergency Preparedness Tunica-Biloxi Oil and Gas
EMDP Grant Writing Guide for Small Scale Biomass Projects Crow Compressed Earth Blocks Ute Mountain Ute Oil and Gas
Metlakatla Business Development  Crow Limestone  
Native American Wind Resource Atlas - 2010 Edition Metlakatla Aggregate  
Renewable Energy General Info Moapa Limestone Cement Plant  
  Quinault Aggregate  
  Tribal Mineral Development Options  
  Tyonek Aggregate  
Tribal Business
Fort Berthold  
Red Lake  
Ysleta del Sur  


Sample Leases

Renewable Energy
Conventional Energy
  Sample Aggregate Lease Sample Oil & Gas Lease - Tribal Indian Lands
    Sample Oil & Gas Lease - Allotted Indian Lands
    Sample EMDP
    Sample IMDA