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Division of Workforce Development Mission

The Bureau of Indian Affairs is the lead federal agency for implementing the Demonstration Project created by Public Law 102-477, the Indian Employment, Training and Related Services Act, 25 U.S.C. section 3401 et seq.  Under the Public Law 102-477 Demonstration Project, Tribes have the authority to integrate Federal employment, training and related services that they provide to their members.  The Federal programs currently integrated into Tribal demonstration projects are administered by the Department of the Interior (Bureau of Indian Affairs and Bureau of Indian Education); the Department of Labor (Division of Indian and Native American Programs); and the Department of Health and Human Services (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Childcare, Native Employment Works and Community Service Block Grants).

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Federal/Tribal Workforce Development (477) Administrative Workgroup

Federal and Tribal officials have established a workgroup to develop a reporting and auditing process that minimizes burdens placed on Tribes while assuring that Federal funds are spent towards their appropriate purposes.  The workgroup also hopes to provide consistent understanding of the program terms and requirements to all parties involved.

Workforce Development (477) Tribal Workgroup

The Workforce Development (477) Tribal Workgroup advocates and collaborates with Federal officials to clarify and provide a consistent historical perspective on Public Law 102-477 with respect to Federal Partner actions or request.  The Workforce Development Tribal workgroup meets at the Department of Labors Regional meetings.

Public Law 102-477 Act
Public Law 102-477 Federal Partners
Workforce Development AOTR Designations List
38th National Indian and Native American Employment/Public Law 102-477 Training

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Annual Reports FY 2015
Workforce Development Financial Report FY 2015
Workforce Development Statistical Report FY 2015

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Pub. L. 93-638