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Tribal Grant Program to Assess, Evaluate and Promote Development of Tribal Energy and Mineral Resources

Each year, the Division of Energy and Mineral Development (DEMD) provides tribes an opportunity to participate in a grant program known as the Energy and Mineral Development Program (EMDP). This program provides financial assistance to federally recognized tribes and Indian allottees on trust lands to evaluate their energy (conventional and renewable), and mineral resource potential on their lands. In turn, this provides tribes and allottees with the information they need to promote their lands, negotiate the best agreements with partners or investors, and develop their energy resources.

DEMD solicits proposals from federally recognized tribes annually, subject to congressional appropriations. Using a competitive review system, DEMD selects qualified projects for grant funding. DEMD staff provides technical assistance while monitoring the energy projects to ensure the best possible product is obtained for the limited funds allocated. EMDP projects may include activities, such as performing initial exploration, defining potential targets for development; performing market analyses to establish production/demand for a given commodity; provide outreach and education to tribes concerning energy or mineral development issues; perform economic evaluation and analyses of the resource; and promote completed projects at industry conferences and to prospective partners or investors.

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Energy and Mineral Development Proposals (EMDP) must include four (4) mandatory components as follows: 

  1. A current tribal resolution authorizing the proposed project
  2. A proposal describing the planned activities and deliverable products
  3. A detailed budget estimate, and
  4. A designated project lead person, authorized to make decisions 

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To view a sample EMDP mineral assessment proposal please click the link below:

Sample EMDP Mineral Proposal

Frequently Asked Questions:

FAQ - Awarded EMDP Projects    


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Office of Indian Energy and Economic Development

Division of Energy and Mineral Development

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The preferred method of submitting grant proposals is to email, Attention: Bernie Toyekoyah.  Proposals can also be mailed to Bernie Toyekoyah at 1 Mile North on Highway 281, P.O. Box 368, Anadarko, OK 73005, but must be received by 5:00 pm Central on June 23, 2015.


For Further Information Contact: 

If you have questions about the EMDP program or submission process, please contact:

Rebecca Naragon, Direct Phone: (202) 208-4401; e-mail:  


For technical questions about the commodity you wish to assess or develop, please contact the appropriate DEMD staff member listed below: 

Mineral Projects (precious metals, sand and gravel)

Lynne Carpenter, (720) 407-0605; e-mail: 

David Holmes, (720) 407-0609; e-mail:  

Conventional Energy Projects (oil, natural gas, coal) 

Bob Just, (720) 407-0611; e-mail:  

Renewable Energy Projects (biomass, wind, solar, hydroelectric)

Winter Jojola-Talburt, (720) 407-0668; e-mail:  

Geothermal Energy

Bob Just, (720) 407-0611; e-mail: